Our Members

Members of the Military Writers Guild currently come from four continents, with members of diverse backgrounds from both civilian and military careers. Senior officers, members of the DOD/MOD community, think tanks, and professional writers of all sorts have joined MWG in an effort to build a meaningful network focused on the written word and discussion of conflict and the military. MWG members and their works have been featured in nationally and internationally-recognized  outlets and are frequently sought out for their analysis and opinion on the changing state of the world.


Our Work

The Military Writers Guild exists to gather writers committed to the development of the profession of arms through the exchange of ideas in the written medium.

Through its members, The Guild will encourage an open dialogue from diverse perspectives, thereby supporting the study of military affairs, spread knowledge of the military profession, and increase the assistance available to those writing in the national security space.

The Guild will help foster a strong peer ecosystem focused on writing about military affairs through our ability to, “Advocate, Collaborate, and Promote.”

About Membership

MWG Membership begins with the invitation of an active MWG member. Applicants have joined MWG at various points in their military or civilian careers, though all have shown a dedication towards writing about conflict and the military and the intent of furthering themselves as writers. New associate members spend time collaborating with and seeking advice from active members as well as contributing to MWG in order to advance their writing and expand their audience.

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